• Topeka Treasure Hunters Club

    Welcome! The Topeka Treasure Hunters Club was chartered and established in 1975. It is a nonprofit organization for individuals interested in the hobby of electronic metal detecting.

    The TTHC is a Family-Oriented Club. Family Memberships include Husband, Wife, Children and Grandchildren up to 18 yrs old.

    The Club sponsors activities such as a National Coin Hunt, Club Hunts and Outing that bring the hobbyists of common interests together and for good fellowship and a Monthly Newletter.

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    The Club conducts a "Find of the Month Contest" where members bring and display their finds for judging in several categories. See this months winners.

    Individuals from all walks of life find the hobby of Metal Detecting to be fun, exciting, interesting, educational and even a recreational exercise.

    Both Active Metal Detecting hobbyists and those interested in learning about the hobby are welcome and invited to attend our meetings to find out about our activites and about the hobby of Metal Detecting.

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Papan’s Landing Senior Center

618 NW Paramore St.
Topeka, Kansas
Time: 7 PM

  • Topeka Treasure Hunters

    P.O. Box 1021
    Topeka, Kansas 66601

    Oct. 31, 2011